Sheffield Bottom Biomass Boiler

The proposal was to obtain a Part B permit, under Section 5.1(B)(a)(v) of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, for the operation of a 999kw biomass boiler which would be utilising sorted grade A waste wood, sourced from an adjacent waste transfer facility. The renewable heat from the combustion of the waste wood is to be used to dry waste materials.
The biomass boiler will be located on a waste transfer facility for which Enzygo also obtained the Environmental Permit and is operated by the same client.

What We Did
Enzygo was tasked with the preparation and submission and monitoring of an Environmental Permit application, supported by technical assessments for noise and air quality. Enzygo also prepared a planning application for the biomass boiler which was prepared and submitted alongside the Permit Application.

Environmental Permit Application
Enzygo’s Permitting team prepared and submitted a bespoke Part B Environmental Permit for the operation of the biomass boiler. At an early stage Enzygo engaged in discussions with West Berkshire Council to agree the scope of the permit. They also worked closely with the client and the boiler supplier to obtain the necessary information for the permit application.

Enzygo prepared the required documents including an Environmental Risk Assessment, an Operation Techniques and Monitoring Plan and updated the operators Environmental Management System to incorporate the operation of the biomass boiler. These documents demonstrated that the site would operate in a way that was environmentally acceptable.

By preparing the Permit application alongside the Planning application, Enzygo’s Planning and Permitting teams were able to work together closely, ensuring all information was consistent and allowing cost savings to be made.

The permit application was submitted to West Berkshire Council, and due to Enzygo’s ongoing liaison with the Local Authority during the preparation of the application very little additional information was required after submission. This allowed the application to be considered in a timely manner, and the Permit being granted.

What We Achieved
Enzygo managed to obtain one of the first Part B biomass boiler permits in the country. The requirement to obtain a permit for a boiler of this size (999kw) was due to a relatively recent change to the Environmental Permitting legislation. The Permit took less than 3 months to be determined from the date which the Local Authority received the application. Enzygo’s engagement with all parties at an early stage meant that the Local Authority were supplied with a robust application and very little further information was required post submission.

Further Work
Enzygo continue to undertake permitting and planning work within biomass boiler sector for new and existing clients, using its experience in this sector in undertaking new applications and providing appropriate advice.

The Planning and Permitting team continue to work closely together, to ensure applications are consistent and to identify cost savings for clients where possible.

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