Sidings Road STOR Facility


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Development of STOR facility
Full planning application and associated documentation
Associated technical assessments

The proposal was for the development of a back-up electricity generation facility, to produce up to 4MW of electricity for up to 1,000 hours per annum. National Grid rely upon such facilities to enable them to have the reserves available to cater for variation in demand for electricity. The development site was towards the edge of a 30 hectare industrial estate, surrounded by industrial units, vacant land, and beyond this a residential development.

What we did
Enzygo was tasked with the preparation, submission and monitoring of a planning application, as well as the preparation and submission of a noise assessment, a mining report, and the necessary plans and elevations.

Through discussions with the Local Authority, we became aware of a pending planning application for a residential development opposite the proposed site. Therefore when preparing the application we took this into account, to ensure that, should the residential development be permitted, the planning application would continue to be accurate.

Throughout the application we created a strong planning case, clearly setting out what the development would involve; the benefits of the scheme; how the development would comply with both national and local policy; and how any potential environmental impacts would be reduced to an acceptable level.

Challenges we faced
Although the site available was large enough for the proposed development, the positioning required careful consideration to ensure potential noise impacts of the development would not have a significant impact on the proposed residential development opposite the site. The site layout also needed to be fit for purpose. Therefore the final design involved positioning the loudest equipment away from the potential residential development, and using quieter equipment and an acoustic wall to mitigate noise to an acceptable level.

Further work
We have prepared, submitted and monitored a number of STOR planning applications for Power Balancing Services Limited. We hope to use the knowledge and experienced gained to continue identifying suitable sites for similar developments across the country.