Enzygo provide Visualisation Service to the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust

wildlife and wetlands trust
wildlife and wetlands trust 2

Enzygo’s were commissioned by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust [WWT] to provide an illustrative and interpretive material for a number of sites around slough as part of the ‘Slough Working Wetlands Project.

WWT are embarking on a new area of work to create important ‘blue and green’ corridors through the urban landscape for the benefit of wildlife and people. Enzygo were commissioned to addresses the need for high quality visualisations to represent the aims and goals for the project, as well as appealing to prospective stakeholders both within the community and within the private domain.

Enzygo’s landscape department created five illustrations using a combination of hand-drawn sketching and digital elements with Photoshop brushes and photo collaging. The images themselves were be produced as perspective drawings based upon site photographs at A3.