Enzygo Becomes the Catalyst to Spark Urban Regeneration

The recent flood events during November of this Year have demonstrated yet again that flooding remains one the biggest environmental threats to the UK. It has also shown that the major flood event of 2007 was not just a freak case of extreme weather and could signal the start of a protracted period of flooding for many parts of the UK.

Similar to what we’ve experienced in 2012, the major flood events of 2007 wreaked destruction across many towns, villages and rural areas in the UK. Moreover, it also forced the Environment Agency (EA) to re-draw the country’s Flood Map. Whilst this has thankfully highlighted areas that now require better flood defences it also dragged in vast swathes of land into flood risk zones that had never been previously affected by flooding.

This not only has a serious impact on the cost of insurance but also essentially stymies any development work that can be carried out on the land. However, these flood plans can be challenged and in the case of Staveley Works near Chesterfield, they were challenged successfully by the leading environmental consultants Enzygo. Consequently, in August 2012 the EA de-risked the site and re-issued a new Flood Map. In turn, this has now led to the local Council to adjust its long term vision for the site, thereby providing a real chance of development in due course.

Matt Travis, Director at Enzygo, commented, “The impact of the flood event of 2007 forced the Environment Agency to re-evaluate the whole of the UK’s Flood Map and, as a consequence of which, many new areas of the UK have now been re-designated within flood risk zones”…

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