Enzygo’s Bat Survey Confirms Bat Roosts on the Monnow Gate Bridge

Enzygo Limited’s Ecology Team has commenced providing expert bat supervision services in support of the maintenance work now being undertaken on the Monnow Gate Bridge in Monmouth. The Monnow Gate Bridge is a Grade 1 Listed Building and is of national historical value. It is the last intact gated medieval bridge in the UK and is managed by Monmouthshire County Council. In 2012 Enzygo’s Ecology Team carried out a full bat survey of the structure and confirmed the presence of summer roosts of Daubenton’s and pipistrelle bat species. Enzygo has subsequently supported Monmouthshire in obtaining a bat licence from.

Natural Resources Wales to allow the maintenance work to proceed. In accordance with conditions under that licence the Ecology team is now providing expert supervisory services in conjunction with the main contractors ALD Plant Hire of Abergavenny. The works are being conducted using a specialised under-bridge-unit that has been brought in from Newcastle to provide the necessary access to the structure. Enzygo’s Ecology Team has considerable experience of delivering ecological services in support of works to historically important and complicated structures.