Fire Prevention Plan Update 2

Here is the second Fire Prevention Plan Update from the Environment Agency.

Business Impact Target Assessment

We recently carried out a survey inviting operators to submit the costs involved in implementing the requirements of the FPP guidance. Many thanks again to those who responded. The information provided is to be used to assess the costs and/or benefits of the changes we are proposing to make to the guidance. It is now a requirement for regulators to carry out economic impact assessment of any changes such as the FPP guidance.

We have now met with the Defra economists who are assisting us with this assessment, and they have provided us with a timetable for when it will be completed. Due to the complexities and range of variables involved, we will have to deliver this by a phased approach. We have been advised that it may take approximately 3 months to complete; longer than originally anticipated. We intend to publish the FPP guidance after scoping the first stage of this qualitative assessment.

We have discussed this with the Regulatory Policy Committee (which will be scrutinising the analysis), and it was agreed that the approach we are taking with this is the right one and will ensure we produce a robust and accurate assessment. We will keep you updated on this as it progresses. Read the full article below…

Fire Prevention Plans Update 2