Fire Prevention Plans Update 3

Publication of FPP guidance

There have been some delays to publication of the guidance due to the EU referendum and resourcing within the publications team. Publication of the guidance is now on track to be published in July post the EU Referendum.

The updated guidance is currently being reviewed by independent fire experts at BRE Global. Once it has reviewed and approved by Defra it will be published on GOV.UK along with the consultation response.

Reducing the duration of waste fires

One of the primary objectives set out in the revised guidance is to enable a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours, in the majority of cases. Whilst we understand that during an incident things may happen, which are beyond an operator’s control, the site should be set up and managed with this objective in mind.

Extinguishing a fire within 4 hours is important because inhaling any smoke from a waste fire can be harmful to human health. Our role as a regulator is to minimise the impact of emissions on the local community, as well as the environment and critical infrastructure. Read the full article below.

Fire Prevention Plans Update 3