Golden Age of Gas

Enzygo environmental consultancy has successfully secured for clients the only two Fracking licences, both from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), for Sites in Dumfries & Galloway. I believe that fracking could be the silver bullet to help solve many of the UK’s energy issues.

At Enzygo we are convinced that fracking has the potential to deliver a safe, cheap and secure long-term supply of unconventional gas that could enable the UK to be self-sustainable for perhaps at least a century.

The opportunity that fracking of onshore gas reserves now affords the UK is hard to ignore particularly when you consider that increasingly, as a nation, we have less control over the supply and price of our gas. In 2011, for the first time since the large-scale gas extraction began, UK imports exceeded production.

Providing it is fully regulated and blueprint for extraction is followed, then fracking should create no further risks than extraction of other minerals. Fracking in the UK is already far more regulated than it is in the US and the negative comparisons being made are unjustified. There is no doubt some of the experience in the US has demonstrated the harm that can be done without proper environmental safety procedures and control but this should not be the case in the UK with the correct regulations.

Hydraulic fracturing, water injection and lateral drilling, whether individually or in combination with each other, are all familiar technologies that DECC and other regulators have been dealing robustly with for many years. Furthermore, technological advancements in the field mean that fracking development in the UK can utilise state of the art techniques, which offer both safer and more tightly controlled processes…

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