New Regulations on Ship Recycling

Most of us know how our house hold waste is recycled, some of us know how commercial waste is recycled, but how many people know how end-of-life ships are recycled?

The answer is: not many – but with the European Parliament gathering this summer to discuss new regulations on ship recycling, this is set to change.

According to the EC, around 1,000 end-of-life ships (usually around 35 years old) are scrapped every year, with the vast majority of material from being recycled or recovered for energy.

Andy King, Contracts Director at ship recyclers Able UK walks me through the recycling process as it happens in this country: “Once the ship is dry docked [which is considered environmental best practice], we carry out an inspection to see that all the information that we’ve been given (if any) about hazardous materials on the ship – such as asbestos. We’d then start writing method statements and risk assessments to carry out the work.”…

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