Tackling Flood Risk Delivers Commercial Upsides for Park and Site Operators

Many Households and business throughout many parts of the UK will not be surprised to learn that, according to the Environment Agency (EA), over one tenth of land in England and Wales is at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. This will surely affect many parks and sites. How can you ensure site safety? Caravan Industry & Park Operator looks at some possible solutions.

The abnormal rainfall during the summer of 2012, caused by a sudden shift in the flow of the Atlantic jet stream, was precipitated by record flooding, which in turn raised the overall water table, The rain experienced last November is certainly not exceptional, but because the ground is already so saturated even the smallest amount of rainfall was highly likely to find its way into rivers very quickly with the potential of causing flooding many parts of the UK. Climate experts believe that this could be a pattern for years to come sand so it is without a doubt that currently our biggest environmental threat will be from flooding.

This issue has never been felt more keenly than by the many leisure park operators whose businesses are situated close to waterways, either at the coast or near rivers. DEFRA estimates that around 1450 caravan and camping sites in England and Wales are at flood risk from rivers and the sea, with over two-thirds of these being at either significant or moderate flood risk.

However, by tackling the issue and implementing a series of measures that improves site safety in the event of a flood, a whole new world of commercial opportunities open up for park operators. In the case of O’Sea Leisure, who operate a caravan, lodge and camping park on the Essex coast, through a thorough environmental risk assessment and the introduction of flood warning plans, implemented by specialist environmental consultancy Enzygo, has now enabled them to gain planning permission for additional bases as well as entension to their operating season.

According to Colin Downie, General Manager at Osea Leisure, “By working together with Enzygo we have been able to ensure much greater site safety which in turn has helped steer through planning developments, that over the course of this year, has increased our revenue by over 40 per cent”…

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