Tackling Flood Risk need not Preclude your Development

The government has, at long last, pledged to set out strategic plans for improving flood defences, setting out a priority list of projects by autumn 2014. This will be welcome relief to the thousands of caravan and park homes sites, whose close proximity to the coast and major waterways leaves them amongst the most susceptible to flooding.

According to a survey last year by DEFRA, 28 per cent of all caravan and camping sites in England and Wales are at risk of flooding with more than two-thirds at ‘significant’ or ‘moderate’ risk. No longer content to wait for government intervention, an increasing number of parks are implementing their own flood defence measures which not only improve on-site safety but are also delivering tangible commercial benefits.

Caravan Park Tamar View

One such park operator, Ian James, was spurred into action after reading an article on flooding in march issue after having his development plans put on hold by the Environment Agency (EA). Ian is the Managing Director of Brean Beach Holiday Parks that operates four private parks in Somerset and Cornwall. His newest venture, Tamar View, was previously a caravan park that had been left derelict for over a decade. With stunning views across the Tamar Valley, Ian recognised the park had enormous potential but required substantial development.

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