Enzygo’s new Traffic and Transportation Team

Feasibility and Preliminary Highway Design

Barry Roberts is an Incorporated Civil Engineer, Director of Traffic and Transportation at Enzygo and is responsible for the project management of every transport or highway project.

Barry has over 20 years experience in highways, drainage, land development and traffic and transportation and has worked in the public and private sector.

Enzygo can provide specialist transportation consultancy services that include site feasibility, visibility/third party land assessments, Scoping Studies, Transport Assessments, Travel Planning, Swept Path Analysis, Traffic Management Plans, junction/highway link design and Quality / Non-Motorised User Audits.

Scoping Studies

Enzygo has the experience and expertise to advise clients on how to unlock challenging sites through innovative solutions and engineering knowledge.

Scoping studies are regularly provided to clients to avoid undertaking abortive work and ensuring the transportation studies address all the Highway Authorities needs.

Enzygo can assist clients in maximising the development potential of greenfield and brownfield sites while providing engineering solutions.

Car Parking Accumulation and Car Parking Stress Surveys

Enzygo has carried out parking studies in rural and urban areas in order to demonstrate that development parking requirements can be relaxed. Parking surveys have been undertaken on a wide range of developments under strict Local Highway Authority guidelines.

Car Parking Accumulation studies are required for schemes where the parking demand dictates the area of developable land and these have been carried out on developments including large mixed-use, retail and leisure sites. The surveys are arried out during the predicted peak occupancy periods to demonstrate a robust assessment.

Transport Assessments, Travel Plans and Highway Design

Enzygo’s team of Traffic and Transportation professionals provide a full spectrum of planning and engineering services. We have a proven track record in the preparation of complex Transport Assessments, Travel Plans and junction/highway design for a varied range of developments.

Our comprehensive package of transportation services involves using the latest industry standard modelling software and analysis tools for challenging sites. Additional specialisms include
pedestrian and cycle studies, car park design, accident analysis, Road Safety Audits, traffic engineering and traffic surveys.

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