Workplace October Challenge Winner!

Ping Pong

October Ping Pong Challenge.

Wesport held a Workplace Ping Pong Challenge from 1st October -31st October 2015, offering the workplace with the highest number of activity points in this period the chance to win a free Ping! Pack with thanks to Table Tennis England.

The Ping! Packs are a great way to get Table Tennis into the office and a brilliant way to improve health and wellbeing amongst your staff and is proven to increase social interaction and cross-departmental relationships. You can visit the loop at work webpage to find out more about how you can get Table Tennis into your office with some great deals off retail prices.

Congratulations to our winners, Enzygo who won with 12,738 Activity points. Based in Cromhall, South Gloucestershire, Enzygo are environmental consultants providing specific experience in dealing with some of the major environmental challenges that we face in today’s modern society. The employees at Enzygo have relished the opportunity to take part in Workplace Challenge and have really seen the benefits of taking part in more physical activity, as well as developing team morale by bringing it into the workplace.
Steph Charnuad of Enzygo had this to say:

“We played [Ping Pong] at lunchtime rather than sitting at our desks or drinking coffee and eating cake. We managed to get other members of Enzygo involved in a game as well. I think it will help us become more active as a workplace in a location where access to activities during lunchtime is either very expensive or dangerous.

The workplace challenge has encouraged us to undertake more activity as it’s introduced a competitive element amongst us. When you’re tempted to skip a workout for whatever reason then the thought of everyone overtaking you encourages you to keep going.”

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