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Enzygo’s Permitting team provide specialist regulatory advice to businesses that are subject to environmental legislation, throughout the UK.

Enzygo has significant experience in Environmental Permitting and Regulation and has provided support to a wide range of public and private sector clients in the waste, energy, utilities, construction and leisure industries. We provide a completely integrated service through our team of in-house experts and our trusted network of established external specialists.

Our wide range of services include:

Environmental Permitting

We have proven experience in the implementation of environmental legislation, including The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations. Our team, including members with a background at the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, offer a unique insight into regulatory requirements as well as a rich network of contacts within these Regulatory Bodies.

  • Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Advice
  • Preparation and submission of Environmental Permit applications, Assessments & Management Plans
  • Consultation and Negotiation with Regulators
  • Technical support to Public Inquiries & legal challenges
  • Registrations of exemptions to the requirement to have an environmental permit
  • Permit Applications for Advanced Treatment of Waste

Environmental Management Systems

One of the Enzygo team authored the original EA guidance on Environmental Management Systems (EMS), when Permitting Regulations came into force in 2010. This means that we have considerable experience in designing and implementing EMS, tailored specifically to client requirements and, if necessary, to ISO 14001 status.

  • Environmental review to identify areas of non-compliance & risk
  • Implement & maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Develop relevant environmental policies, procedures and documents
  • EMS auditing & compliance

Compliance with Environmental Legislation

Enzygo assists organisations, of all sizes and across a range of sectors, to achieve and maintain compliance whilst managing their environmental responsibilities. Our expertise and understanding of environmental law will enable you to remain compliant, providing your customers with the confidence to trade.

  • Advice & support through periods of legislative & regulatory change
  • Assistance on bringing your operations into compliance
  • Interpretation of Environmental Legislation & Guidance

Fire Prevention Plans

All sites that require an Environmental Permit, and store combustible wastes, are required to have in place a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). Enzygo’s permitting team has experience in writing these plans together with proven success in steering them to approval by the Regulatory panel.

  • Site review to identify areas of non-compliance & risk
  • Creating & implementing bespoke FPPs
  • Fire detection & management procedures

End of Waste Technical Support

Enzygo provide specialist advice for operators who are seeking to turn their waste into a non-waste materials or products making it easier generate a market for recycled materials. We provide interpretation of the Waste Framework Directive definitions of waste, by-products and when a waste is no longer a waste, termed the ‘end of waste’ process. Our consultants have experience working directly for the regulators and provide the following services to support growth of the circular economy:

  • End of Waste Applications including use of the EA’s ‘IsItWaste’ tool
  • Regulatory support and application of regulator guidance
  • Interpretation of waste Quality Protocols and Regulatory Position Statements
  • Specialist advice on turning waste into liquid fuels and syngas

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