Challenging Highway Safety and Accessibility Issues

Enzygo Environmental Consultants has recently been working with Newcrest on a couple of retail sites that provided challenging highway safety and accessibility issues. As requested by most Local Highway Authorities at present Newcrest had to demonstrate that a large articulated Heavy Goods Vehicle, that was to be used for deliveries, could access the docking area, turn safely within the site curtilage and exit in a forward gear. The manoeuvres were heavily restricted by the existing site constraints, parking provision, pedestrian routes and relatively small site areas. However, Enzygo took up the challenge and worked closely with Newcrest and the Local Highway Authorities to provide amicable, safe, innovative solutions to address the servicing issues. See below extract from the proposed site layout drawing;

Challenging Highway Safety and Accessibility Issues at Newcrest

The above layout was amended to a ‘teardrop’ shaped island that incorporated an off-line unloading bay and a safe parking area for disabled users. The main entry point for the delivery vehicle is to the north off the main entry road with the main entrance providing adequate width for the vehicle to drive around in a forward gear and exit in either direction. The layout also maintained the pedestrian connectivity, integrated with the local speed control measures and provided an alternative and safer turning area for people visiting the local school.