Noise and Vibration Survey and Assessment

Noise and vibration survey and assessment is a complex issue and one that benefits from competent advice. Enzygo can provide comprehensive noise and vibration assessments in accordance with policies and standards at International, European, National or Local Authority levels.

National noise policy for planning purposes is set-out in PPG 24 ‘Planning and Noise’. This planning policy guidance note provides local authorities in England with advice on the preparation of development plans and the determination of planning applications where noise is a material consideration.

For new developments, planning applications are often required to be supported with a technical acoustic report. This could be as part of an Environmental Statement (ES) or as an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and may include the following:

scoping and methodology;

baseline noise and vibration surveys;

review and designation of suitable criteria;

identification of sensitive receptors and resources;

calculation and evaluation of noise and vibration impacts;

identification of options for additional mitigation measures; and

reporting of residual significant effects

Enzygo’s consultants have vast experience in preparing numerous technical reports in support of successful planning applications for residential, industrial and commercial developments of various sizes, as well as many road and railway schemes.

Noise and vibration surveys and assessments are also required by the Noise at Work Regulations, 2005, which require employers to obtain an adequatenoise assessment, which will facilitatecompliance with duties relating to controlling noise exposure, providing suitable hearing protection, marking out ear protection zones and giving information, instruction and training to employees.

Whether you require workplace noise assessment in compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 or an environmental noise assessment in compliance with PPG24 planning requirements, Enzygo can help.


Acoustics and Vibration Team

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