Ecological Services

Enzygo provide specialist environmental consultancy services across the UK and Europe, working within the public and private sectors. We hold a wide range of protected species licences, issued by the Countryside Council for Wales and Natural England that enables us to work on an all England and Wales basis.
We specialise in the following areas:

Protected species surveys, licensing and advice.

Wetland evaluation and surveys, creation and restoration management.

Biosecurity and invasive/problematic species advice.

Biodiversity Planning.

Advice on Appropriate Assessment and the Habitats Regulations.

Site Management Planning.

Recreation and navigation impacts on wildlife and the development of outdoor/sporting facilities.

Environmental Liaison Officer/Ecological Clerk-of-works services.

Consultancy support and peer review services.

Training and environmental education.

Advice on the ecological implications of disasters/emergencies.

BREEAM Ecology Reports.

Ecological Impact Assessments to IEEM Standards.

Biodiversity Mitigation Design and Site Implementation.

Expert Witness.

Great Crested Newts

New Environmental DNA Testing for Great Crested Newts

“A ground breaking new technique, which detects minute DNA traces in water, offers new hope for the protection of rare and endangered aquatic species”

Freshwater Habitat Trust

Find out more Environmental DNA Tesing by viewings Enzygo’s Leaflet


Ecology Team

If you need advice our services relating to Ecological Services, click the link above to contact our Ecology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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