Electric Fishing Surveys and Fish Rescue

Enzygo are able to rapidly deploy an experienced 4 person electric fishing team to service your fish survey/rescue needs and our back-pack system allows us to work on remote or hard-to-access sites. We use high quality electric fishing equipment provided by our trusted suppliers Dr A.T. Wortley of Electracatch Consultancy Services and Collins Nets Ltd.

With over 12 years of practical electric fishing survey experience with the National Rivers Authority and Environment Agency, our Director ensures that work is undertaken:-

to the highest scientific standards;

to the highest Health and Safety Standards in accordance with HSE best practice;

and to the highest standards of fish and environmental welfare.

Services Offered

Salmonid surveys.

European Protected Fish Surveys.

Riparian surveys.

Fish Rescues.

Fish Transfers.

All work is conducted in accordance with host country legislation – all permits etc., obtained on behalf of clients.

Strict equipment disinfection practices to avoid disease transfer.

land-owner/third-party liaison in advance of fishing.

Site-based risk assessments.

Associated services – crayfish surveys/alien species removal.

River Habitat Surveys (RHS).


Ecology Team

If you need advice our services relating to Ecological Services, click the link above to contact our Ecology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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