Drainage Assessment

Designing SUDS schemes and undertaking utilities assessments are a necessary aspect of planning applications. Enzygo has proven methods for creating Surface Water Management Plans, SUDS schemes and Utilities Assessments in order to obtain planning permission for a variety of developments.

Environmental Regulators have increased their requirement for Drainage Assessments as part of a comprehensive planning application. All sites greater than 1 Hectare require a form of drainage assessment. More commonly we are seeing our clients request Utilities Assessments where the Water Plc has raised an objection to development due to insufficient capacity within the sewerage network.

Type of Assessment we Undertake

Enzygo uses the latest techniques in drainage modelling, design and assessment in order to minimise the cost of implementation, and area which this undertakes at the development.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Determining attenuation rates and sizing SUDS schemes are undertaken using industry standard software. We understand that space is money, therefore when we size an attenuation scheme we ensure that the greenfield runoff rate is calculated as accurately as possible, saving the excess storage volume. We work closely with landscape architects to design our schemes, enabling them to be integrated into the scheme as public open space, avoiding unecessary loss of developable areas.

Retro-fitting of Existing Drainage or Fault Finding in Designs

Our consultants are experts in resolving drainage problems which are associated with inaccurate design or poor installation. We understand all aspects of the process from design to installation and retrofitting to ensure compliance with the latest design guidelines.

Surface Water Management Plans for Landfill

As part of the ongoing Landfill Permitting regimes, Surface Water Management plans are required to ensure that landfills do not increase the rate of runoff or increase the sediment loads into local watercourses. In designing the plan it is important that the site drainage strategy can be implemented in line with the landfills phasing, thereby providing a scheme which delivers attenuation and sediment management throughout all the phases of the landfills operation.

Utilities Assessment

All new buildings need separate connections to foul and storm water sewers. It is recognised that developments that are designed with regard to the foul and storm water sewers are likely to result in increased impact on existing off site service provision. In addition, it is possible that substantial services cross the site, which may have associated easements. Understanding the impact of existing services and potential reinforcement can be helpful in determining development areas of the scheme and also associated costs. In addition, any surface water strategy may also require an understanding of existing capacity.


Hydrology Team

For a quotation or if you need some advice relating to flooding, click the link above to contact our Hydrology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Current Flood Warnings from the Environment Agency

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