Flood Risk Assessment

Enzygo’s proven Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) system provides professional, commercially driven FRA assessments to NPPF, TAN15, SPP7 and Irish Council Guidelines. We operate nationwide and our staff have worked within every region of the UK providing comprehensive commercially driven FRA reports for residential and commercial developments, industrial applications including minerals and waste.

A Flood Risk Assessment is a requirement for all planning applications in all developments over 1 Ha in size. The assessment can simply be to manage surface water sustainably or to understand how the development proposal would be affected by flooding.

To determine the level of assessment required, click here.

Check the EA flood map,go to the flood risk section of the Environment Agency website and insert your post code in the box on the right.

Enzygo understands flood risk and how it impacts upon business and development. Our consultants have worked within industry and the Environment Agency and can bring this experience to provide a commercial solution whilst managing the regulators expectations.

We are able to undertake all aspects of flood risk assessment, including 2D numerical tidal, fluvial and pluvial flood modelling using the latest software and techniques.

Enzygo has extensive experience of NPPF/TAN15/SPP7 Flood Risk Assessments throughout the UK and can produce site specific assessments for all types of developments from single units through to major residential, office, retail, energy, mineral/waste and industrial developments. When undertaking a flood risk assessment we consider:


Flooding Hazards which may present a risk to the development, or increase flooding elsewhere.


Impact on Defences or Maintenance determine if the development would affect the integrity or maintenance of a flood defence.


Runoff. Assess if the development would increase runoff from the current rate.

If these initial considerations identify a low or no risk of flooding then a short report would normally be sufficient to satisfy planning and the Environmental Regulators requirements. However, if the assessment identifies a significant flood risk then further assessment would be required, which may include numerical flood modelling. Our goal is to secure your planning permission using our understanding of the regulatory framework surrounding flood risk.

We operate across the UK and Southern Ireland, and can provide FRA reports for developments from as little as £500. Starting the process is simple. All we need to know is:

The address and post code of your site;

What you are planning to do

Copies of any correspondence with the planning authority or Environmental Regulator


Hydrology Team

For a quotation or if you need some advice relating to flooding, click the link above to contact our Hydrology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Current Flood Warnings from the Environment Agency

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