Flood Risk Modelling

Our flood modelling skills focus around providing commercially driven solutions to flood problems. We can produce 1D and 2D flood models of fluvial, tidal, pluvial and combined flooding scenarios. Our staff have modelled some of the most complex interactions within the UK and Europe.

Enzygo has a wide range of flood modelling tools, products and services, which are used as industry standards within the UK and Ireland. Our 2D and 1D modelling skills are commonly used by our clients to optimise their risk management and investment strategies in urbanised or areas of flood risk.

Why use modelling?

Enables the strategic location of resources, Reducing Risk of losses through flooding

Understand the Frequency and Magnitude of flood events and the consequences to your operations

Our models can challenge the EA flood maps resulting in lower insurance premiums or a successful planning application

Understand the future effects of climate change on flood levels and risk

Types of Modelling we can Undertake

Enzygo uses the latest available industry standard software to undertake flood modelling assessments, we have expertise in the following types of assessment.

River Modelling: Conceptual hydraulic modelling to estimate flood depths, velocities, and extents. This can be required by the Environmental Regulator where data is not available or is outdated and does not represent the current hydrological regime.

Breach Assessment: Modelling of the effects due to a simulated failure in a river or coastal flood defence. The assessment would provide information on the speed of flooding, flood depths, velocities and duration of flooding.

Overtopping Analysis: Modelling the effects of a river or coastal flood defence overtopping. This assessment would provide an analysis of the depth of water resulting from the overtopping and the associated flood velocities, and durations.

Surface Water Runoff Calculations: Calculations of Greenfield runoff to IoH124, ADAS345 standards. Design of drainage strategies and outline SUDS strategies.

Enzygo has access to a range of commercially available modelling tools, below are a list of models we use on a daily basis, and links to their relative suppliers for further information.

DHI MIKE FLOOD – http://mikebydhi.com
HEC RAS – http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ras/
ISIS – http://www.halcrow.com/isis/default.asp
WINDES – http://www.microdrainage.co.uk/mdwindes_module.asp


Hydrology Team

For a quotation or if you need some advice relating to flooding, click the link above to contact our Hydrology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Current Flood Warnings from the Environment Agency

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