Contaminated Land Assessment

Land Quality is a material consideration under planning legislation and can be a significant financial and legislative burden to those who own or seek to develop ‘brownfield land’. Enzygo recognise that contaminated land constraints, if addressed appropriately, can frequently be mitigated with minimal adverse costs. When re-developing brownfield land there is an opportunity to incorporate remediation, thereby turning a negative into a positive through environment betterment.

Enzygo Approach

We recognise that contamination can be a costly constraint to development and as such we utilise a staged approach to determine where the risks are and identify ways of addressing these cost effectively. This allows development potential to be released by minimising abnormal development costs. The key stages of assessment are discussed below:

Risk Assessment

Enzygo provide a full range of risk assessment services in relation to contaminated land including:

Tier I screening assessment, which is incorporated in to our interpretative report;

Site specific risk assessments to determine risks to future site users;

Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments to assess impacts on controlled waters;

Water quality assessments in conjunction with our Hydrology Team.

We can also provide risk assessments in relation to waste and landfill sites.

Remedial Options Assessment

With our strong waste and development background we can provide an assessment of remedial options and give recommendations on those which are most suitable based on suitability, cost and programme. When assessing remedial options we always give due consideration to the engineering and construction requirements of the site.

Enzygo can provide an assessment of abnormal development costs associated with remediation works. We frequently undertake this work, in conjunction with our value engineering services to assist with land value negotiations.


Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team

For a quotation or initial advice relating to Geotechnical and Contaminated Land services, click the link above to contact our Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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