Geotechnical Design

Enzygo offer a full range of geotechnical assessment and design services for schemes ranging from small residential developments to major infrastructure and waste schemes. Our site investigation is scoped to provide the information necessary to allow geotechnical design works to progress. The range of geotechnical services we provide include:


We undertake engineering assessments and provide design recommendations for foundations, including conventional footings, ground improvement and deep piled foundations. Our assessment is driven around build-ability and cost savings to the client. We can also provide more sophisticated assessments for deep basement, retaining walls and foundations options to value engineer out costs through more rigorous settlement assessment.

We also provide recommendations in relation to pavement design, floor slabs and materials re-use. When assessing waste generation on sites we work closely with our waste permitting team in relation to legislative requirements.


Working with our Hydrology team we undertake soil infiltration tests and provide advice in relation to soakaways and permeable paving when used as part of a SuDS train.


Enzygo staff have extensive experience of assessing soil for re-use either on-site or off-site. We can prepare earthworks specifications either as stand-alone documents or as part of a larger specification and provide inspection and validation services where required. We are experienced in the preparation of Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plans for landfill construction or sites which are developed on old landfills.

Enzygo has the capability to prepare engineering drawings and cut and fill earthworks balances for scheme. Where required these drawings can be used as a base for visualisations by our Landscape team.

Working with our waste permitting team we can prepare Materials Management Plans (MMPs) in accordance with CL:AIR protocols and can assist with waste classification and disposal. We can also prepare Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP).

Slope Stability

We are able to provide slope stability assessments for sites including landfills. We can also provide assessment of mitigation measures including groundwater control, site re-profiling and retaining structures.


Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team

For a quotation or initial advice relating to Geotechnical and Contaminated Land services, click the link above to contact our Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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