Value Engineering

Enzygo recognise the need to manage construction costs and optimise development value for any scheme and we therefore deliver commercially driven solutions to the client.

Abnormal Cost Assessment

Enzygo provide an assessment of costs associated with remediation and abnormal development work, assess alternative value engineered solutions and identify areas where development costs can be reduced.

Remediation Options

Where sites are contaminated the costs for remediation can be substantial and the areas where we can assist clients in managing these costs include:

Detailed risk assessments to reduce or negate remedial costs;

Remedial options assessments to identify cost effective treatment methods;

Waste classification to reduce of- site disposal costs associated with materials arising from construction;

Design mitigation measures within the development to manage risks

Options appraisals for treatment of invasive plant species in conjunction with our Ecology team.

Ground Engineering

We provide value engineering services in relation to ground engineering, including:

Foundation analysis to reduce construction costs;

Reducing pavement thickness to minimise off site material disposal;

Re-use of materials on site.


Working closely with our Hydrology team we can optimise design of soakage based Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Constraints Plan

Working closely with Hydrology, Ecology, Noise and Landscape teams we can prepare a site constraints plan for sites to identify potential areas where significant development costs are likely to be associated. This can be used to help inform the scheme masterplan in order to work within the site constraints, where possible, to reduce costs.


Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team

For a quotation or initial advice relating to Geotechnical and Contaminated Land services, click the link above to contact our Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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