Landscape Design

Enzygo’s design service includes a full range of landscape and urban design services from feasibilities and concepts to outline and sketch proposals, through to master planning and detailed design. Designs are prepared for both hard and soft landscape areas and include full planting plans, construction details, setting out drawings and specifications. Our team aim to provide a service that synthesis the arts, science and technical philosophies and practices that seek to care for the Earth’s landscape in a truly holistic, creative and sustainable manner. It involves the investigation and designed response to the landscape.

In accordance with the principles set out by the Landscape Institute Enzygo will provide our clients with a service carried out in an atmosphere of mutual trust and goodwill.

The following links will provide you with an understanding of our profession:
Appointing a Chartered Landscape Architect
Engaging a Consultant – Guidance on Fees

Urban Design

As the world’s cities grow the quality of urban design is increasingly important. Without serious consideration to the design of the space between buildings (‘the outdoor landscape’) the results are likely to be depressingly mundane. If you want your town, city or development site to have good open space between buildings, and on top of buildings, then Enzygo can prepare landscape proposal that precede the urban development, to ensure a quality design. The principle also applies on greenfield sites and in urban renewal and regeneration projects.

As Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe once wrote “It is only in the present century that the collective landscape has emerged as a social necessity. We are promoting a landscape art on a scale never conceived of in history” The landscape of man (1975).


Landscape Architecture Team

For a quotation or if you need some advice relating to Landscape Architecture, click the link above to contact our Landscape Architecture Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.