Visualisation and Interpretation

Enzygo has access to a range of commercially available 2 and 3D modelling and visualisation tools that are used to produce photo-montages, wirelines and digital terrain modelling.

Below is a list of packages we use on a daily basis, and links to their relative suppliers for further information:

Digital Terrain Modelling
A digital ground terrain models can be generated using Key Terra-Firma version 7 and then imported into 3DS Studio Max where the proposals can then be overlain.

Photo montages
A photomontage is the superimposition of a rendered, photo realistic, computer-generated model of a structure on to a baseline photograph. Photomontages prepared by Enzygo will be produced in accordance with accepted guidance.

Wireline visualisations are computer generated 3D outlines of a particular structure placed on top of a 3D ground terrain model. Wireline images are generated on a bare ground model and therefore do not take account of any vegetation or the built environment between the viewpoint and the development.

Zones of Theoretical Visibility
A Zone of Theoretical Visual (ZTV) or Zone of Visual Impact (ZVI) illustrates the extents of where a feature or features would be visible from in the surrounding landscapes. Using 3D ground terrain data obtained from Ordnance Survey the programme renders the ZTV/ZVI model using a square grid to show whether the feature(s) is visible at the centre of each 50m x 50m square on the grid for a specified distance in every direction from the site.

Guidance Documentation

Landscape Institute and the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment. “Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, 3rd Edition” 2013

The Landscape Institutes Advice Note 01/04 “Use of Photography & Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Assessment”.

Scottish Natural Heritage, The Scottish Renewables Forum and the Scottish Society of Directors of Planning “Visual Representation of Windfarms – Good Practice Guidance” March 2006.


Landscape Architecture Team

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