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Enzygo Property and Sites operates throughout the UK for a wide range of sectors and our clients include waste and mineral operators, energy and utilities companies, private landowners, property developers, asset and fund managers, as well as local authorities and coroprate clients.

Kevin Parr, Chartered Mineral Surveyor for over 20 years and Director of Enzygo, leads the Property and Sites services, providing specialist consultancy advice for site identification, development and evaluation, and acting for vendors or purchasers in the negotiation and acquisition of land.

Site Search & Evaluation

Enzygo are experts in identifying potential locations and sites for the development of new waste management or energy related facilities. Through site reviews and feasibility studies we can assist our clients to maximise the value of their land or property.

We provide expert interpretation of planning policy and identify potential environmental constraints in order to advise on the development potential of a site and the most appropriate way of enhancing or maintaining asset value.

Feasibility Studies & Development Appraisals

Feasibility studies and development appraisals are often the starting point for any proposed development. Enzygo provides guidance and advice on the type, nature and/or scale of the appropriate development potential of a site for specific identified land uses as well as informing our clients of the requirements of, and any potential impacts that planning policy and legislation may have on the proposals being considered.

We undertake site and development appraisals, combining its in-house planning and commercial skills to create viable and realistic schemes. We can prepare detailed development briefs and engage in consultation with the relevant local authority and other stakeholders.

Land Negotiation & Acquisition

Enzygo has significant experience of acting as agent on behalf of our clients in land negotiation and acquisition transactions. We have expert knowledge and a sound understanding of the potential land values that can be achieved, particularly in the waste and minerals sectors and can provide advice and draw upon market evidence relating to ongoing or completed waste infrastructure development projects. We also work closely with various legal firms in terms of developing clear robust strategies for dealing with the interests of our clients in the negotiation of leasehold and freehold sales and historic legal restrictions in terms of potential impact upon asset value and development potential.

Property & Strategic Management

A full management service is offered to include lease and easement negotiations, rent reviews and service charge advice. Enzygo can also act as Project Manager in lease restructuring, office relocations, dilapidations and valuation work. We have acted for clients to agree a strategic approach for their property portfolio concentrating on the operational needs of the client whilst minimising costs.


Property and Sites Team

For further information and advice on Property & Sites services, click the link above to contact our Hydrology Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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