Traffic and Transportation

Enzygo provides a wide range of specialist traffic and transportation consultancy and engineering services including transport assessments/statements, travel plans and monitoring, junction and highway design, cycling/accessibility studies, signalised junction modelling and design and route studies for abnormal loads.

Delivering transport solutions means initially gaining an understanding of our clients goals and advising them on the optimal way of achieving these goals. This requires a comprehensive understanding of transport issues and a high level of communication. Enzygo assist our clients in tackling complex and challenging transport and highway related issues through the application of experience, technical expertise and the appropriate application of specific analysis tools.

We work with a significant number of private and public sector clients providing expert advice, support and innovative solutions for a range of developments.

Transport Assessments

Travel Plans

Junction and Highway Design


Traffic Management Plans

Car Parking Accumulation Surveys & Parking Stress Surveys

Traffic and Speed Surveys



Traffic and Transportation Team

If you need advice relating to Traffic and Transportation, click the above to contact our Traffic and Transportation Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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