Junction and Highway Design

Usually as part of the Transport Assessment junctions and lengths of highway may need to be redesigned and/or modified to ensure the introduction of the development traffic is of no detriment, in highway safety or traffic impact terms, to the highway network. Any highway design proposals will meet the design requirements of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the Manual for Streets and/or local highway authority guidance. Our experienced highway and transportation staff have assessed significant, complex, strategic highway networks within the UK and can also provide budget construction costs, bills of quantities and pre-construction advice.

Our staff have experience of Section 278, Section 106 agreements and other statutory highway requirements that allow Enzygo to provide our clients with a complete service that is required to enable key commercial decisions to be made.

Developments are regularly refused planning consent on highway grounds, either for the lack of visibility, increase in traffic impact or other highway safety concerns. Enzygo will investigate the site and negotiate the required visibility with the Local Authority based on further detailed investigation site work. Cost effective solutions based on vehicular speeds and volumes can be reached and physical build outs, traffic calming measures, highway realignment and white lining can also be introduced to improve visibility and make development accesses safer for all users.


Traffic and Transportation Team

If you need advice relating to Traffic and Transportation, click the above to contact our Traffic and Transportation Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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