Traffic and Speed Surveys

To demonstrate the visibility requirements at an existing or proposed site access and to identify any potential third party land encroachments Enzygo can undertake speed surveys at key locations. The surveys enable the average 85th percentile speeds to be determined and if recorded speeds are less than envisaged a relaxation in the visibility can often be negotiated with the Local Highway Authority. This agreement is essential in providing a safe, operational development access arrangement that meets the design requirements and allows the internal development layout to be progressed. At this stage an access proposal ‘in principle’ is agreed with the Local Highway Authority that will often suffice to commence with the preliminary design works.

Traffic surveys, either fully classified turning counts or sensitivity tests, can be undertaken by Enzygo to enable the base traffic conditions to be assessed. The surveys are undertaken in accordance with the COBA vehicle classification specifications and are used as the basis of a Transport Assessment and most junction modelling works. The survey timings have to be agreed with the Local Highway Authority prior to undertaking any once obtained they are can either be converted to passenger carrier units (PCU’s) or entered as recorded into the Junction 8 or Linsig software.


Traffic and Transportation Team

If you need advice relating to Traffic and Transportation, click the above to contact our Traffic and Transportation Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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