Transport Assessments/Statements

A Transport Assessment is used as a mechanism to demonstrate to show planners that the traffic generated from new or expanded developments will/will not have a detrimental effect (in terms of highway impact) on the existing local highway network. The assessment will also confirm if highway mitigation measures are required to provide additional capacity and what the measures are likely to entail. Elements of the assessment include analysing personal injury accident data, junction modelling, parking provision advice, sustainability and accessibility assessments, visibility requirements and reviewing local and national planning policies. The Transport Statements are generally requested for developments that are not likely to generate significant volumes of traffic with the assessments and statements conforming to the Department for Transport Guidance on Transport Assessments (March 2007).

Enzygo use industry standard software to identify any potential highway issues prior to and following the introduction of development traffic with our staff then working collaboratively with the developer and the local highway authority to provide viable solutions.


Traffic and Transportation Team

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