Travel Plans

A Travel Plan is a live document that provides a strategy for managing travel demand involving a continuing process of monitoring and review. The underlying local government aim of any Travel Plan is to minimise the number of single occupancy vehicle trips generated by a development, business or organisation. This is achieved by encouraging a shift to more sustainable modes of transport and by reducing the need to travel. Travel Plans can be interim, framework or detailed depending on the development composition and type, the accuracy and availability of baseline data and the level of commitment from the end user. Monitoring includes a systematic approach to measuring the performance and thus impact of the Travel Plan and comprises surveys, data analysis, reporting and negotiating with the developer and local authority.

A supplementary service that is frequently required by Local Highway Authorities and can be provided by Enzygo is the provision of ‘Travel Information Packs’. The packs are issued to residents and staff prior to the occupation of developments as a tool to encourage the users to investigate, and potentially use, more sustainable modes of transport to the car. Depending on the Local Highway Authorities requirements the packs are usually updated on an annual basis by the Travel Plan Co-ordinator as part of the monitoring process.


Traffic and Transportation Team

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