Waste Contract Procurement

The procurement of new modern waste management infrastructure for the processing of municipal solid waste can be a complex and lengthy process. To bidders the tendering of large waste management contracts requires significant input, resources, and preparation together with careful planning. Given the level of activity in the MSW sector the bidding of one or more contracts can put a resource strain on even some of the largest waste management companies, and be a financial impediment to others.

Enzygo has experience in advising and supporting public and private sector clients in the procurement of large PPP/PFI funded waste management contracts. Peter Cumberlidge, Director of Enzygo, who leads this aspect of our services has worked for and supported waste management companies in bidding waste contracts and acted as technical advisor to local authorities in the development of outline business cases and in the procurement process itself.

Our success in this role has been demonstrated by the success of our clients at various stages of the waste contract procurements through to preferred bidder.

Our Services

The range of services as technical advisors we can offer include:

Advice on treatment technology(s) for selection and solution development.

Project and bid risk assessment and risk mitigation.

Identification and assessment of sites for solution and negotiation with land owners to secure a position for duration of procurement process and subsequent development.

Planning assessment of identified sites and ongoing planning & permitting support through bid, application and stakeholder consultation process.

Bid management and development of documentation and completion/review of submission for each stage of the bidding process.

Attendance at Competitive Dialogue meetings with clients & their advisors.

Preparation and Completion of contract documentation.

Waste flow modelling.

WRATE modelling and assessment of carbon impact and GHG emissions.


Waste Contract Procurement Team

If you need advice relating to our Waste Contract Procurement services, click the link above to contact our Waste Contract Procurement Team. You can either contact us by phone or email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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