Anaerobic Digestion

Maximising Resources to Improve Performance

Resource efficiency and environmental awareness is an important issue for every business. The wasteful use of resources can not only cost money, but have a negative impact on both the environment and how a business is seen to perform. Renewable energy concepts like anaerobic digestion provide an opportunity for maximising resource efficiency and avoiding costs for wastage.

There are huge expectations for anaerobic digestion technology to enhance resource efficiency and to solve a multitude of waste and energy related issues. For example Anaerobic Digestion is supposed to contribute to the UK’s renewable energy generation targets, reduce food waste disposal to landfill and support meeting recycling targets as well as helping to solve financial problems facing the farming and agricultural industry.

To date less than 40 AD plants are processing food and farm waste in the UK, with an expected 60 additional facilities at various stages of planning or construction. Current predictions suggest that to meet the UK’s recycling targets for biodegradable waste by 2020 AD plants are expected to process 1 million tonnes of food waste per year. These expectations for AD facilities have led to a wide range of process technologies, plant sizes and potential output specifications being sold into the AD market.

While believing in the ‘power of anaerobic digestion’ Enzygo’s recent research into the energy efficiency and outputs of EfW technologies found that anaerobic digestion can realistically only makes a moderate contribution to the UK’s renewable energy demand, but might provide vital waste treatment capacity and means for energy self-sufficiency, diversification and fertiliser replacement in the agricultural and energy crop sectors.

Therefore anaerobic digestion is one of the promising technology options for the future and will be expected to treat significant amounts of waste and biomass feedstock to produce energy. However like with all technology options in order to be deliverable and add value AD needs to be the appropriate technology for the selected site with a viable feedstock mix and clear plans for marketing outputs to be a viable and sustainable investment.

Enzygo can offer practical advice and ‘hands on’ support to clients on the delivery of anaerobic digestion facilities. We provide an integrated service to identify and assess the level of opportunity as well as the feasibility of specific anaerobic digestion schemes from the first consideration through to project delivery.

Enzygo is able to support on the:

Assessment of feasibility and deliverability

Assessment of business plans & bankability

Technology appraisal, support on tendering & bidder selection

Feedstock availability and sourcing

Identification of energy, renewable fuel options & partners

Tailored Permitting Advice and ABP/HACCP support

Site selection, Scoping & Planning Support

We have experience with decentralised on-farm AD projects using manure, energy crops and biomass as well as centralised AD facilities processing ABP compliant wastes.


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