Photovoltaic Development

The concept of photovoltaic development involves harnessing the radiant light energy emitted by the sun and converting it into electrical current using photovoltaic cells. Interest in delivery of photovoltaics is growing and in the last few years the photovoltaic market has expanded extensively, with photovoltaics seeing the strongest growth of all renewable technologies in Europe in 2010.

Government support for photovoltaic schemes comes in the form of the Feed-In Tariff, which guarantees a fixed, premium rate for renewable electricity fed into the national grid. The tariff legislation fixes an above market rate for utility companies to buy electricity from renewable energy producers, guaranteeing investors a return over a long period.

Photovoltaic technology has a wide range of applications, including:

Stand-alone systems for remote power generation;

Central PV generating stations connected to distribution networks; and

Building-stand alone and integrated systems and building-attached (retrofit) systems connected to local networks

Enzygo has experience in providing both planning and associated technical assessment support to both developers and landowners interested in developing photovoltaic projects, from small scale roof and wall mounted solar panels on houses or office buildings to larger solar parks (i.e. stand-alone panels). We provide an integrated service to identify potential land and sites, assess the level of opportunity and the feasibility of specific photovoltaic schemes, and prepare the required planning application and technical studies for submission to the Local Planning Authority for the scheme in consideration.

Enzygo is able to assist with:

Site search and evaluation

Assessment of feasibility and deliverability

Negotiation with landowners and developers

Pre-application discussions with Local Planning Authorities’ planning officers

Preparation of planning applications for all scales of development

EIA project management, where appropriate

Provision of ongoing planning support and liaison with the Local Planning Authority and consultees

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Flood risk assessment


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