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Welcome to Enzygo an environmental consultancy with the experience and capability to help meet the challenges required in delivering new infrastructure and development. We provide our clients with director led support and advice to ensure that their strategic and commercial goals are achieved.

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Our team of specialist consultants are here to make your project a success.

Here at Enzygo we have two Build With Nature Qualified Assessors – Stuart Hutchinson, our Landscape Architect and Derek Allan, our Director of Ecology. The qualification means that we will be able to assess and consult on green infrastructure on developments in order to achieve high biodiversity net gain calculations and to ease planning compliance.

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Planning Permission for Battery Energy Storage Facility


The proposal was planning permission (temporary 25-years) for the construction and operation of a 7.2MW battery energy storage facility comprising 2 battery containers, 3 inverters, parking, paladin fencing, acoustic fence, proposed planting and low-level CCTV cameras. The facility will be called upon by National Grid to provide standby electricity generation during peak demand periods. National... Learn More


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Britain’s grave concern … finding burial places for the departed

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The final rite most of us perhaps expect from life is a small plot of land where our mortal remains or ashes can lie in peace. Sadly, this is now not always available. Graves are becoming a luxury in short supply. As a result, the world is looking urgently at other options. And I thought... Learn More

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