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Assessment Package

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  • Building with Nature (BwN) is the first benchmark for green infrastructure (GI) in the UK.
  • Evidenced by existing surveys & technical assessments required for planning applications.
  • BwN is an integral part of the government’s 25-yr plan and Environment Act 2021.
  • It is recognised by a growing number of local authorities and the National Design Guide.


  • It can significantly ease planning compliance for all types of development.
  • Increases value of the planning and technical package supporting the development project.
  • GI adds value to property assets.
  • Secures benefits for people and wildlife.
  • Provides additional design consultancy as part of the service.


  • For all landowners and developers (residential, infrastructure, industrial).
  • For those wanting to demonstrate putting nature at the heart of development.
  • Currently employed and endorsed by the likes of Taylor Wimpey, the Forth Valley Royal Hospital and
    Westmorland Limited.


  • Any type of site or project but especially those with complex and sensitive constraints.


  • Best from the onset of a project.
  • Can be employed any stage in a project, even retrospectively.


  • Enzygo can help deliver both BwN assessment, GI design and planning services
  • Choose from Initial review, Design award or Full award.
  • Scalable assessment to allow for changing requirements.

Working with Nature flow diagram


An optional standalone product. Assesses the constraints and expected requirements to achieve the BwN Benchmark.

£500+VAT Payable to Enzygo
(no registration required)


For outline and full planning applications.
Conducted with consultation between design team & assessor.

£500+VAT BwN registration fee,
+ Project management fee,
+ Enzygo assessor fee,
+ Audit fee (scale dependent).


For reserved matters and full planning applications.
As for the design award with an additional post-construction audit

Design award fees,
+ Post-construction audit fee.<