Consett Energy Recovery Facility

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Consultation Update

17th November 2020

The planning application has now been submitted to Durham Council under planning reference DM/20/032671/WAS and representations can be made directly on the Council website.

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In the UK and across Europe, ERF (Energy Recovery Facilities) are driving Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) away from landfill sites and instead using it as a valuable resource to contribute to the UK’s drive to decarbonise energy generation by off-setting fossil fuel use. Facilities such as the one proposed in Consett will support local energy supply and security.
Project Genesis’ mission is to provide renewable and sustainable sources of power on the Hownsgill site to create an ‘Eco Park’ which will supply low carbon, low cost heat and power to existing and future commercial and industrial developments on Hownsgill Park as well as other potential users in the Consett area.
Planning consent has already been granted for a Solar Farm on the site with the potential to generate up to 5MW of power. The first solar array was installed in March 2019.
With the development of large scale battery storage and intelligent energy management systems, Hownsgill Eco Park will be an exemplar in the future development of low carbon energy supply and security for Consett.
This will have the added benefit of attracting inward investment to Consett through the availability of low carbon, lower cost energy.

Site Plans and Drawings

The development comprises a new energy facility with associated access and landscaping.

Location Plan;
– Location Plan

Proposed Plans;
– Proposed Site Plans
– Proposed Elevations
– Proposed Roof Plan

Elevation Options
– Elevation Options

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