Introducing Tregorrick Solar Farm

9/11/20 – 4/12/20  – the consultation has now ended

Tregorrick Solar Farm

What is Tregorrick Solar Farm?

E. H. Energy Ltd is proposing a renewable energy scheme on land at Tregorrick Farm, Tregorrick, St Austell. The site is located to the south of St Austell (circa 0.7km) and the A390, and west of Tregorrick (0.35km).

The solar farm is expected to generate in the region of 6MW of renewable energy. The proposal also contains an element of battery storage (circa 6MW) onsite to feed into the National Grid at periods of high demand.

The panels would be laid out in arrays set at an angle of c. 20 degrees, with the top edges of the panels being up to 2.75 metres above ground.

The application proposal would also include a package of landscape, ecological and biodiversity benefits. Land between and beneath the panels would be used for seasonal grazing.

An operational lifespan of 30 years is being sought. During the operational phase, the activities on site would amount to servicing of plant and equipment and biodiversity management.

Proposed consultation

Community consultation is an opportunity for you to have your say and make suggestions to incorporate changes to the scheme. This consultation follows initial engagement with Cornwall Council.

3D Virtual Exhibition

Launch 3D Exhibition

Launch 3D Exhibition

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