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We are an independent planning and environmental consultancy delivering a wide range of hydrological solutions to clients across the UK.

We work to develop a client–based relationship based on trust, and place emphasis on adding value, innovation and professionalism to achieve deliverable outcomes; meeting expectations, budgets and timescales. Our comprehensive understanding of policy and procedures and our director-led multidisciplinary approach ensures we bring to bear the right mix of skills and experience to provide creative solutions for the most hydrologically challenging and complex projects.

Our wide range of services include:

Flood Risk Assessment

Our proven flood risk assessment system provides professional, commercially driven, solutions for even the most complex developments.

Our consultants come from both industry and regulatory backgrounds, and so bring their experience to develop practical solutions that meet regulatory expectations.

  • Flood Risk Assessments to NPPF, SPP
  • Flood Consequence Assessments to TAN15
  • Site Screening Assessments

Flood Risk Modelling

Our flood modellers provide commercially deliverable solutions for development and operational sites, using numerical models to map fluvial, pluvial and tidal flooding scenarios. Our team has modelled some of the most complex flood interactions for sites in the UK and Europe.

  • 1D and 2D modelling
  • Fluvial, Surface Water and Tidal Flood Modelling
  • Breach Assessment
  • Overtopping analysis

Sequential and Exception Test

We are experienced in the application of sequential and exception tests for commercial, residential and leisure developments resulting in numerous successful applications in the past ten years.

  • Expert witness services
  • Commercially-led screening
  • Site Screening Assessments

Drainage Assessment

Our proven methods for creating Surface Water Management Plans, SUDS schemes and Utilities Assessments have gained planning permission for a wide variety of developments. Our services include:

  • Drainage Modelling
  • BREAM Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments
  • Surface Water Runoff Calculations
  • Modelling to ensure compliance of existing systems
  • Detailed drainage design

Business Continuity Flood Assessments

Many UK businesses are under-prepared for the effects of flooding, which can lead to forced office relocation, supply chain and infrastructure failure and, ultimately, loss of revenue. We provide Business Continuity Flood Assessments that reduce the risk of damage and increase the protection of key infrastructure and assets.

  • Flood Warning and Evacuation Planning
  • Evacuation Table Top Planning Exercises
  • Stochastic modelling for flood depth impacts
  • Mitigation and Flood Defence Assessment

Expert Witness Services

Our Director level staff provide technical expert witness services to clients and we have contributed to numerous successful appeals on grounds of hydrology, surface and groundwater flood risk, drainage, geology and hydrogeology.

Site Pollution Index Tool

Enzygo have developed site pollution index tool to calculate the amount of site pollution within a site. Read the guidance notes and follow the steps to help calculate the site pollution.

Click here to open Site Pollution Index Tool

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