FoRR Newsletter Issue 9 November Dec 2021

Friends of Rwandan Rugby Newsletter Issue 9: November – December 2021

1 March 2022 By

All of the RDOs are back in schools delivering regular coaching sessions.

In some schools RDOs deliver multiple sessions during one school visit as part of the timetable and this is excellent news as it means we can coach a lot more children and make the best use of the coach’s time.

Two of our trustees, Mary and Glyn, visited Rwanda for 17 days in November. They visited RDOs Jean de Dieu in Kigali, Emmanuel in Kamonyi, Frederic in Nyamasheke, Assinapold in Burera and David in Rusizi. It was really useful to be able to explain to the sports teachers and headteacher in the schools about the new way we want our RDOs to work by delivering sports session as part of
the PE timetable.

They also met with all of the RDOs in a whole team meeting. Lots of new kit was distributed and plans made for 2022.

#1for1for1 – £1 pays for 1 child to have regular rugby coaching for 1 year.



Assinapold and Jean de Dieu with a lot of new kit

Travelling between schools has always been a challenge for the RDOsDisappointed pupils at Mbare primary school after the rain

Emmanuel in Kamonyi District