Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Waterloo Station Retail and Kensington High Street 12 October 2020

ISG plc are required, via planning conditions, to provide ongoing noise and vibration monitoring for two major construction projects in London.

The planning conditions set out site boundary limits on noise and vibration that the site must adhere to so nearby residents and other sensitive receptors are not subject to excessive levels of noise and vibration. From these conditioned limits warning alerts are derived as an “advisory” alert, when noise and vibration levels are approaching the overall limits, and a “stop works” alert for when the overall limits are breached.

What We Did

Enzygo has installed noise and vibration monitoring equipment at agreed boundary locations at each site. The equipment continuously monitors the levels of noise and vibration generated by construction operations and sends measured data to a web-based software to generate alerts and saves the data for analysis and reporting purposes.

noise and vibration monitoring

The web-based software sends out alerts automatically to designated site representatives who investigate ‘advisory’ and ‘stop works’ alerts and instigate appropriate remedial action so that works can continue and still meet the conditioned limits.

Reports are drafted on a weekly basis for ISG to provide evidence to the local planning authorities that the conditioned noise and vibration limits are being met. These reports are in the form of easily interpreted graphical data.

The two images below show a noise level plot and a vibration level plot respectively. The plots clearly show operational and non-operational periods as well as the fluctuations in noise and vibration levels during construction works.

noise and vibration consultant
noise and vibration

What We Achieved

The monitoring and alert system has allowed ISG to actively manage construction works so that alerts are minimised and nearby residents, and other noise and vibration sensitive receptors, are not adversely affected by noise and vibration from ongoing construction works.

Further Work

Enzygo continue to work closely with ISG providing ongoing support for both projects which has led to the contract at Waterloo being extended beyond the initial phase.