Enfield Flood Risk Activity Permit former car park

Enfield Flood Risk Activity Permit

Enfield 16 January 2023

Redevelopment of former car park to provide dedicated parking and overnight storage facilities for the operator’s delivery vehicles

As part of these works a range of demolition and construction activities were required within 8 metres of the adjacent main rivers. A Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP) was therefore required for these activities.

The site was bound to the east, south and west by the River Lea and River Lee Navigation which are main rivers. As a number of the construction and demolition activities were to take place within 8 metres of a main river a FRAP was required to cover the activities.

Enzygo’s Permitting Team initially looked at the possibility of applying for an exemption but the activities which our client needed to undertake did not fit into any of the available exemptions.

We also looked at the suite of Standard Rules Permits available for the proposed activities, but due to the type of works and the location of the proposed activities this option was not available to our client.

A Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit was therefore required for the works. The activities covered by the FRAP included demolition of existing structures, excavations, storage of materials, erection of fencing, construction of new structures and the construction of a new outfall.

As part of the FRAP application a management system was developed which set out the methods by which the construction and demolition activities would be managed and carried out to minimise any risks to the environment. This document was developed in liaison with the client and contractors for the works and included a site-specifi c risk assessment.

The installation of the new outfall required further permissions from the Canal and River Trust (C&RT) as the outfall would discharge into one of their assets. A separate application was therefore completed and submitted to C&RT for the discharge of surface waters to the River Lee Navigation.

Enzygo’s permitting team were successful in obtaining a FRAP to enable the client to carry out their works as planned. A consent to discharge the new surface water outfall into the C&RT asset was also successfully acquired, ensuring that the future discharges from the sites ongoing operation would be compliant.

Enfield former car parkEnfield Flood Risk Activity Permit

Project Details:

Date: February 2022
Client: Eireng Consulting Engineers Ltd
Value: £4,150
Office: Cromhall, Bristol
Discipline: Permitting