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Enzygo provide specialist consultancy advice in respect to noise and vibration assessments; providing technical support for residential, industrial and commercial schemes.

Our Acoustics team, with proven UK and international experience across a variety of sectors, can provide detailed, relevant advice to help produce a sustainable scheme, whatever the size of the project.

Our specialist advice can help reduce noise and vibration impact at, or within, residential dwellings, offices and workplaces. We can also integrate designs from other environmental disciplines to provide a coherent solution at all stages of development.

Our wide range of services include:

Noise and Vibration Assessment

We provide comprehensive technical assistance to property developers, architects, planners and land agents by assessing the noise impacts on future sensitive receptors, helping to define developable areas and identify site constraints, whilst also designing inherent mitigation. We also work with Industrial clients to reduce noise emissions from new, existing or expanding sites, thus demonstrating permit compliance together with a full assessment of workplace exposure to noise and vibration.

  • Technical support for planning applications
  • EIA screening and scoping reports
  • Environmental Statements
  • Planning/permit condition advice and evidencing
  • Noise management plans
  • Occupational noise & vibration

Noise and Vibration Measurement

We employ a wide range of monitoring equipment for environmental noise surveys, operated by our fully trained and experienced Technicians and Consultants. We also carry out work place monitoring for noise and vibration exposure, as well as compliance monitoring during construction and industrial operations.

  • Baseline environmental noise & vibration surveys
  • Compliance surveillance/boundary monitoring
  • Entertainment noise control
  • Personal dosimetry and hand-arm/whole body vibration testing

3D Noise Modelling

Our acousticians have significant experience with the latest software packages to assist in the assessment of internal and external acoustic effects. Predictive software can help assess the feasibility of development sites, or the effectiveness of a variety of mitigation measures to allow the client to undertake a cost-benefit analysis. Furthermore, we can provide clear imagery of noise contours to illustrate your plans.

  • Layout optimisation
  • Detailed and outline noise mitigation design
  • Partition design

Detailed Acoustic Design

We undertake site-specific advice during detailed design of buildings. This includes glazing and other façade treatments, partition floor/wall modelling, reverberation times and speech intelligibility calculations as well as general design support, and technical advice, to architects, contractors and planners.

  • Glazing specification
  • Partition design and testing
  • Industrial building design and performance
  • Schools, healthcare and music venues

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